No plantings of any kind are permitted on graves or other cemetery grounds, except by authorization of the Caretaker. Anything planted without permission will be removed without notice.  This applies to real or artifical flowers or plants. No glass containers are permitted.


No religious symbols of any kind are permitted on a grave site, other than those generally recognized as traditionally Jewish. Any questions regarding qualification of a religious symbol shall be resolved by the Board of Trustees.No religious symbols of any kind are permitted on any hearse.

Burials at Mound Zion Cemetery are limited to persons of the Jewish faith in accordance with Jewish ritual. The use of a Chevra Kadisha is discretionary.
The height of a headstone shall be limited to 48”, and shall not exceed 96” in width, and then only if reinforced with steel doweling binding the base and monument. Only flush marker headstones or bevels up to 8” are permitted in Sections 7-14. All foundations for the monuments are installed by the Caretaker, ordered through a monument company. Mound Zion Cemetery is not responsible for any damage to headstones.





Benches are allowed with Board approval and must meet the following conditions: A plot must be purchased for the bench. The bench and monument must be made of compatible material and have a proper foundation.     



(Policies are Subject to Change Without Notice)